The Green Team

The Green Team is a group of faculty and staff dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness on RCC's campus. They meet as needed to discuss events, formulate plans, and evaluate progress.

With our ever-expanding population, the world's resources are being put under more and more strain every day. The effects of climate change will likely submerge islands, cause extinctions, and alter weather patterns. It will affect our daily lives in the Rogue River Basin. We can do our own part to mitigate this here at RCC.

If you have ideas or want to be involved, please e-mail us at

Also, the Environmental Sustainability Club is looking for members! It looks terrific on resumes, especially if you're interested in the environmental field. It's also a fun way to meet people and get involved in the campus community. E-mail if you'd like to join, or check out their website at

Spotlight Video

See the impact our use of plastics has on the planet. Click here to see this revealing documentary.

Members of the Green Team:

Redwood Campus

Riverside Campus

Table Rock Campus

Peter Angstadt Erika Giesen Jeanne Howell
Debbie Benson Kenton Gould Bill Jiron
Gray Conway Barbara Talbert Elizabeth Fletcher
Cindy Harboldt Jim Van Brunt Grant Lagorio
Pat Huebsch Robyn Williams Anne Trausch
Charlotte Hutt    
Melanie Jesse    
Katarina Kobor    
Alex Kozlowski    
Cheryl Markwell    
Melissa Nystrom    
Mary O'Kief    
Jil Rigby    
Kathleen Salinas    
Lee Ann Stoner    
Kevin Talbert    
Bart Van Syoc