Criminal Justice / Juvenile Corrections / ROLEA

Department Chair: Greig Thomson


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Public Safety Programs at Rogue Community College focuses on two areas: (1) the preparation of students pursuing public safety careers or intending to transfer to educational institutions for advanced studies, and (2) the continuing education and training of professionals and volunteers in the fields of criminal justice administration, emergency medical services, and fire protection services and related areas. The Department’s Mission is to provide outstanding academic programs to ensure students' access to career and educational opportunities and to work in partnership with public safety agencies served by the College to deliver a superior program of continuing education and training to practitioners in public safety fields. In fulfilling its Mission, the Department will strive to ensure the highest level of service to the community it serves. The Department of Public Safety Programs recognizes that:
  • Students pursuing public service careers must receive a well-rounded education that includes exposure to a variety of disciplines and to a diversity of educational experiences.
  • Public Safety students must be capable of producing quality work, solving problems and working in teams in and among diverse organizations.
  • Writing, interpersonal communication and computer technology skills are requirements in a modern work environment and are indispensable skills for public safety students.
  • Public Safety students must possess a professional ethic centered in public service.
  • Public safety agencies must remain an integer in the planning and delivery of the Department’s programs.
  • The importance of standards in relation to support organizations and accrediting bodies as a necessary component for articulation and program integrity.