Business Technology

Degrees and Certificates
Career Pathways Certificates
BA130 Proficiency Exam
With Commitment to excellence in teaching, the Business Technology Department offers a comprehensive educational program that advances learning to prepare students to meet the emerging needs of regional employers, higher education, and community stewardship.
The Business Technology Department is committed to empowering students to better themselves, who in turn, will make a positive difference in the economic, social, and cultural aspects of our local region. Ever mindful of the role of education, the Business Technology Department will seek input from its stakeholders in order to develop a mix of career technical and academic programs which leads to employment opportunities and serves as a gateway to higher learning.
Core Values

The Business Technology Department makes a difference in our community by ensuring we:

  • Hire faculty who are leaders in their respective disciplines, dedicated to excellence in teaching, who expect the best from our students.
  • Prepare students who are technologically competent, and socially and ethically responsible.
  • Respond to the diverse needs of area employers by assuring an up-to-date curriculum.
  • Model innovation by developing and offering a balance of on-line, face-to-face, and blended classes.
  • Demonstrate good stewardship of resources by providing access to high quality education.

Department Head: Dr. Randy Wade