Marcee Siemens and Vince Carl

by Marcee Siemens

Ink jet, acrylic
by Vince Carl


Artist Statement

Weaver, 30 years plus, five or six
Accepted, rejected, rejected, accepted
Not much academic crap between the ears, legs… just God.
Been printed in black, white, and color
Good words, bad words, quoted, censored
Don’t care.
Got ribbons, not hangin’
Money, none.
Look see here, look see there,
Look see everywhere, by plane,
Train or bus.
Recite to Rachmaninov,
Read Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Nabokov,
Nolde the best
Gotta resume,
Only upon request.

Marcee Siemens


Artist Statement

I scheduled several appointments to draw Marcee before deciding on a direction.  I approached this project differently than my normal process; employing different techniques learned over the years. I feel my most successful work is that which is spontaneous; recognizing the unexpected is crucial in achieving this.  As an example, this painting developed from a prepared wooden support I used as a test piece to see if I could transfer a printed inkjet image of my charcoal drawing.  I abandoned other concepts I had considered because of the unique placement of the image on support and the challenge to define the negative space.  Upon further reflection about the artist and my knowledge of her and her art, a direction presented itself.  I tried to depict an artists' hands weaving Marcee's portrait as a weaving as viewed from below the loom, using a painted surface.


1954, I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. I moved from Cincinnati to Grants Pass in 1980. My studies include: Miami University, Oxford Ohio, 1976 BFA, Mitch Kaufman-Katz, 1978-79, and Pat Enos 1993-96, Rogue Community College. Artists of influence include Kokoschka, Schiele, Picasso, and Rauschenburg, and in this case Marcee Siemens. My work has appeared on the cover Art Calendar, in various gallery publications, been exhibited nationally and collected internationally. My recent work explores the figure. I used shape, color, and gesture, to design and manipulate the space. Experimenting with process, format and recognizing the unexpected is how I develop my visual comments.

Vince Carl


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